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Kitchenware can be the apple of your eye if you stop seeing them as mere appliances and instead start envisioning them as expertly designed solutions built to cater to you and your family 24/7. PDS offers you the best in brands such as Electrolux and Insinkerator when it comes to built-in ovens, induction cookers, refrigerators, and dish washers.


To Schock, a tap isn’t merely a watering device but more of a piece of art that serves a purpose. Schock taps are built with the highest quality of stainless steel and are offered in the range of colors their Cristalite & Cristadur brethren resemble. From temperature control to water saving, Schock taps comprises of the ultimate features that will help you douse everyday kitchen nightmares.

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Reinventing the wheel is not what Schock does. Instead, they reinvented the kitchen sink by being the pioneers of using composite quartz in a kitchen sink. From inventing & using proprietary materials such as Cristalite and Cristadur, Schock sinks are long-lasting, stain-proof, aesthetically pleasing, and even bullet-proof.

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Cutting Board

Schock does not offer the traditional cutting board but instead they integrated a piece of haute technology to the side of their Cristalite or Cristadur sinks to carve your meats and chop your veggies. Hence, they call it a prep-station.

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