Kitchen design that will sink into you

With our carefully curated selection of sinks and taps, your kitchen will Schock and awe your dinner guests.

Chimney and hood

Kitchens are no longer spaces for distasteful odors and toxic fumes but are watering holes for repartee and fine dining. With Electrolux chimneys and hoods, you are guaranteed with top-notch odor and smoke filtration systems finally casting a positive light on your gourmet cooking.

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Electrolux welcomes you to the future of heating with microwaves from a range of capacities effortlessly blending into the kitchen furniture while exuding a sense of class and mystery. Our high-tech microwaves are built to last and can withstand copious use.

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We offer four burner gas hobs and induction hobs crafted from a range of glass, ceramic, or stainless steel for durability and style. Our choice of brand, Electrolux is a Swedish giant known for impeccable craftsmanship, innovation, and eminence in design thinking thereby seamlessly integrating panache and poise to a counter-top design of your choice.

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Let your tropical veggies and fruits experience the freshness of the chilling Swedish climate. Built with grade A materials to next-gen standards, Electrolux refrigerators are energy-friendly & efficient and come with a comprehensive warranty and after sales service. Select from a range of stylish French Door Refrigerators or top/bottom-freeze refrigerators.

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Electrolux washers are a household staple in Europe as they are reliable, durable, and affordable. Utilizing design-thinking in their exterior appearance and interior engineering, Electrolux provides your designer apparel with a superior washing experience with minimal effort. Like most of their other products, Electrolux washers are energy efficient and user friendly to operate and troubleshoot.

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