American David C. Roy has turned his lifelong interest in movement and mechanics to his job with the kinetical sculptures he creates using wood. Graduating from the physics department at Boston University in 1974, Roy gained his woodwork information on his own. Roy stepped into being a professional sculptor with his brand "Wood that Works" he founded with his wife Marji and their partner in 1975.


Since the foundation of "Wood That Works" Roy has his signature on more than 150 kinetical sculptures. Roys sculpture doesn't require an engine battery or power source. The sculptures each of which are wooden machines get the power they need to move from the springs within their system. As well as being entertaining these designs are also educational. While they can serve as a decorative object in houses, parents also prefer those sculptures as a beneficial toy for their children.

Kinetical Sculptures, each of which is full of life, are a brain exercise for the ones who are trying to solve their mechanism and source of happiness for the ones who can solve it!

Source: www.woodthatworks.com

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