The implanting named “Hollow” which is designed in Bristol for Royal forth Gardens by Artist Katie Paterson and Architectures Christoph Zeler and Ingrid Mote is hosting more than 10.000 species of trees from all over the world.

When you enter Hollow, you are also stepping into the history of our planet. This is a miniature forest where, you stand on 390 million years of fossils under your feet and unique species of trees around you each of which are telling their own stories, is building a bridge between time and space.

Architects are describing this work as a place of inner meditation where person is surrounded by history either standing or sitting in there.


10.000 unique species such as, Banyan tree that is told to be the tree under which Buda was enlightened or Japanese Ginkgo tree that survived the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, is gathered here in a universal structure. Little spaces in its archy roof are letting the light inside in a way that it would create a forest environment and creating an efficient environment. /p>

A virtual archive is accompanying the work which is permanently exhibited in Royal Fort Garden. You can visit the virtual forest, observe the 3 dimensional works or reach the name, age, family even the history of the trees that are displayed in sculptures.


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