Effective Investment In Global Arena

Acting as one of the leading furniture components companies of the world, AGT continues its rash in foreign market activities. In addition to export leadership in its industry in Turkey, AGT also continues its global brand efforts abroad and the company is realizing a new production facility investment at Kazvin city of Iran in this scope.

At the furniture, decoration and construction industries in the national and international field, MDF, MF-MDF, Panel, Profile and Flooring manufacturing AGT crowns its awarded investments in Turkey with its investment in Iran. With its existence in more than 60 countries, the brand continues its activities on a wide geography from Canada to Pakistan, and New Zealand to Sri Lanka.

In addition to domestic production, AGT also conducts its active marketing efforts abroad and by obtaining more than 40% of its last year turnover of more than 700 million TL from abroad, the company advances with sound steps about reaching its global brand vision.  Having made a prominent debut with its Tehran showroom In Iran market, where it has been operating for several years, AGT announced that it would begin its production activities with a facility investment it realized on 112 thousand sqm land in the Caspian Industrial Zone of Kazvin city, which is 150 km away from Tehran. 

With the agreement signed between AGT General Manager Şirzat Subaşı, Group Head Responsible for Kazvin Economic Relations Dr. Manouchehr Habibi and Head of Foreign Investors Chamber of Kazvin Dr. Mohammed Ali Ghasemi, panel products shall be produced during the first stage, and then MDF , MF-MDF, Profiles, and Flooring shall be manufactured with the investment to be realized in the Caspian Industrial Zone. The production facility, which is to become the second largest foreign investment realized in Kazvin Region in 2017, is planned to be completed in one year. 

AGT General Manager Şirzat Subaşı said in his statement related with the contract signed in Iran: “In Iran, where we have continued our presence as AGT for many years, we realized the opening of our showroom in Tehran in 2016. At present, as a result of the investigations we conducted for Iran market, we are investing in Kazvin Region which is preferred for its advantages in logistics, energy and proximity to Tehran. With our investment, we will manufacture panels during the first stage, and then, we will manufacture MDF – MF-MDF, profiles and flooring. We are proud of making the second largest foreign investment in Kazvin region in 2017 with our facility which we are planning to complete in one year. Our activities in the global market will continue rapidly also in the forthcoming period. With this investment, not only Iran Market but also export to the surrounding countries will be an important objective of AGT. "

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